I need your opinion on something for a new GK

  • Farmchain
  • Kingdom
  • Tag
  • Hide N’ Seek
  • Possibly Hunger Games
  • Escape Room
  • Puzzles
  • Board Game
  • Infection
  • Battle
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I could also use some ideas for decorations for the one that was picked. Thanks so much to anyone who voted or gave their opinion!

@Artemis they could try to over throw a bad king

You should make Game of Life (the original, please).

Conway’s game of life?


You should make a hide and seek gimkit

We need more puzzles.

No. Hasbro’s.

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Conway’s game of life would be cool but hard

The winning idea is…

Hunger games!

I am willing to take any ideas and designs for this. This will be a multi-month challenge, as I want to create it as close as I can to the books. (I will take anything, codes, art, etc!)

Thanks to anyone who voted. Your opinion is valued to me!


Make a basic story line of the reaping… add lore… and make it so theres an Easter egg so you can escape maybe.

But add scenery, hiding in boxes, climb trees, build in certain places, food and hunger, etc. There’s guides on food and hunger if you need it.