I need y'all's opinion! (Opinion Got.)

I’m pretty sure this isn’t off topic, since I’m asking about something for GKC, but.

Currently, I’m developing a Red Vs. Blue Capture the Flag + Team domination king of the hill thing, but i’ve been thinking. Should I put this project on standby for a bit, and build a new project? Heres the options.

  • Continue Developing Red Vs. Blue, then do it.
  • Make a Protect the V.I.P Game!
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Thanks for voting! Hopefully you actually did.

Heres for second option, basically it’s just you choose a load out, protect the vip, and yeah other stuff. But I would love to hear your guys opinion.

If you’ve been already working on Red Vs. Blue, I suggest you finish it.

I’m gonna end the vote at 11, and also, oops, accidentally put it in community made guidelines, my bad.


I get discouraged and stressed when I have more than 2 due to having to think of which one to do

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Like to y’all, alright.

I see what I should do. I’m already pretty close to finishing, just wanna buy upgrades, Quality of life changes, and its done. I could actually finish this by Saturday if I’m working hard enough.

Alright! I’m just gonna end it to remove clutter, and yeah. I’ll finish developing that game, then work on protecting the vip after! But then I won’t have a DLD thing… oh well i’ll just play my friends maps.

Thank you! :heart:

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its 4 over here. :confused: so I guess your behind for me, or ahead. 11 pm, right?


Personally, I’m est but that’s a bit late. So it’s 5 Pm for me.

ah okay.

Also, bit off topic, but wait? Wingwave, you lost your regular? D:

A lot of people did, as they became less active.

Ah alright. Thanks for the info! Now this help guide can rest.

May I ask, how do I become a regular?

I’m gonna say this bluntly. You do stuff on the forums and stay active.

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It’s basically just I think, in the last 100 days, be there for 50% of them, do lots of stuff, get lots of likes, and give lots of likes, read lots of replies, have solutions, read lots of posts, just stuff that makes you

You have to be active for at least 50 days, and there is some other criteria. You can see the full list of things on Discourse’s official website. Now, let’s be on topic.

Agreed. Just let this help guide rest.

@Shadow.exe @Txme_Lxss


np! Glad I could help, even If I was a little blunt.

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