I need to know if my map is appropiate

my map is a horror piggy like game. I am going to add some pictures in a sec.

I am also going offline now

no that should be fine

cool map though :slight_smile: .

You should add an option for the host (the teacher) to be able to turn the blood off.

oh yeah you should do that good idea @getrithekd

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That looks great :smiley: you’re doing great

yes I am working on that

I agree, you go! Continue on with that map.

remember to mark a solution and good luck on your map can’t wait to see it :slight_smile:

ok, next week it might finish but it might not release until the summer because that is when the publishing update goes from what I heard

I will tell you guys when its published

good you can tell us on this so hope you have fun can’t wait

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