I need to get rid of an ability upon death

heres my setup

You get the abilaty when u choose assault class when u use it it gives u a shotgun(quantum portal) that goes away after 10 sec then goes on a 20 sec cooldown.

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Can you test and check if it works? If it does, you’re good to go.
Feel free to edit the topic and make it a community-made guide if you wish, but be sure to tell people how it’s done.

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Use a lifecycle on player knocked it out to deactivate the overlay


its for my Star Wars battlefront II map

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that was quick ill try what u said, i used a knockout manager before but it made the person who knocked out the player loose it not the player that got knocked out

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Change the settings to the other knockout condition then


it works thanks

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ok i will make a guide on it soon

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made it

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