I need to change the pre-game speed of the player for my lobby

Can anyone tell me how to change the pre-game speed of the player?

I don’t believe you can, but maybe trigger wired to a speed modifier?

Click the gear in the bottom-left-corner, go to editing options and go to the speed.

He meant in the lobby not in editing mode.

Isn’t pre-game editing mode?
In the spawn pad it states

No, pre-game is when the players are waiting for the host to start. Think of the spawn pad, it has a pre-game spawn area. This will spawn you when you first j0in in editing, but mainly to spawn before you start the game.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure even if you j0in a creative game, you can still change your speed using the :gear: in the bottom-left-corner even you are not the host.

Not during pre-game though. Except I think triggers are triggerable before game.

They are triggerable and the trigger animation shows, but if it is wired to a device, it won’t run the task/wire pulse

Then, what about channels?

They also don’t work
(I tested it but it was quite a long time ago)

What happens if you set the speed modifier to the default speed?

you can’t do that, if you mean the settings when you are editing, you go to settings, and click on player speed and up it to 3x.

I think it wouldn’t do anything if the player is already at default speed and wires and channels won’t run when a trigger is triggered.

Ya, but the default speed can change using the speed modifier(I think).

You can use zones over the spawn pads that will trigger certain speed modifiers (and make sure that there are two different spawn pads for the pregame and game).

If you take a trigger and make it under the spawn pad then wire it to a speed modifier it should work

I just tried it and it doesn’t work pre-game

Did you use the publish link or in the creative one?

You could replace the triggers with zones that will trigger the speed modifier instead.