I need to activate a recipe to craft something

Hi, I need to activate a recipe to craft something that activates when you kill a sentry. the recipe I need is for a Evil Eye.

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Welcome to the forums @REALYR11 can you be a little bit more specific?

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Hello @REALYR11 and welcome to the forms. what you need is to go into devices and look up recipes and it should show you the crafting recipe device and you use that to make whatever you want. then wire it to the crafting table

Thank you guys. I really appreciate that.

your welcome @REALYR11 make sure you mark a solution and make sure it’s not your own post. :smiley:

it will not let me wire it

could you show me a image

I will let you help me by joining

Don’t post a game c0de! It’s not allowed in the forums!

thank you for warning me

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Anyways, wire the thing where something happens that makes it so the recipe happens, and wire it to the recipe you want it to appear.

welcome @REALYR11

Y’all should stop replying, the solution has already been found and your topic might get flagged…

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