I need thumbnail

i have been making a game for dad leaving to get the milk but all i need is a thumbnail for my game.

Ok thumbnail coming up gimme like 30 mins

Casual 2024 game at this point🤣

Okay can I get some details? (What gims, What setting, title, etc.)

okay i’ll try

gimme about a hour

hey Guy_the_person and hello to you too GlM

true my dad left to get the milk

Nvm sry @poison_king gonna have to work on this tomorrow, my free work time on pixlr ran out.

same i tried using it its not working for me too

you can screenshot ur thumbnail tho

Well, judging by the subject of the game, it’s a goofy game. If it’s a goofy game, then I might as well have a goofy thumbnail. (no offense)

I need dad at the store getting milk