I need thumbnail plz

i’m makin a battle map where it’s blue team vs red team, (not only knocking out the other team, but also, capturing flags) and there’s upgrades with guards and stuff, can anybody help?

Sorry, but thumbnails arent allowed anymore…sadly

I’m so sorry to tell you this, but apparently for some st@pid reason, thumbnails aren’t allowed. You should mark a solution so you don’t get flagged


there is currently a riot against thumbnails and they are being flagged due to mass public opinion against them the staff has yet to respond to this again

the forums do not allow thumbnail requests…

@reliefr saved/will save the forums


pls don’t start a friggin
“he is da Messiah!” meme
plus way too much weird cult stuff everywhere these days
I hold no grudge against him nor do I like him I’m neutral with him so dont take this the wrong way


no, I was just saying he was really helpful, sorry it came of that way to you

its fine bud

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