I need thumbnail for my battle map

title is self-explanatory.
my game is based on summit three of don’t look down.
I can do a poll later today.

okay, I can try something

I’ll try something. Too.

I will try, can you provide more details?

I will try four
Can you say the gims you want

I need more details, like where they are, what gims you want, and the theme.

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I’m in class rn so I’ll do it quick
an echo agent
a vortext agent
I want the gims holding weapons btw (idc which weapons just not the same for both)

With the thumb nails you get you should make a pole


I will try as well thx for details!

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does anyone want more details :question:

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sorry I’m impatient is anyone working on it :question:

btw is it a platformer like don’t look down?

no it isn’t I actually got the season ticket right after I completed the map

I’m impatient has anyone done it yet
I’m in class rn so I have to get off

does this look good or do you need something added or removed from it


I have a question do you have my thumbnail it’s okay if you don’t???

for @2nd_place_guy

no because I need details

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what do you mean by details

what needs to be in it

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it’s like Among Us but it call Among them