I need some things for the player to do

I don’t have any ideas

What is your game based on? Is it a RPG? A Battle royale? More details would help

rob a bank?

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you mean activities to do in your map? try this awesome guide! also, like @The_7th_Dragon said, more details would help.


survival game. [word cap]

boss fights

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possibly exploring structures

Try adding NPCs, side quest or just look at the community made guidelines for inspiration

Here’s some random ideas:

  • Village
  • City
  • Mountains
  • Body of water (to gain water)
  • Energy usage system
  • Trading sentries
  • Easter eggs
  • Trolls
  • Cameos
  • Territory mechanism (I plan to make a guide for this)
  • Badge/achievement mechanism (I plan to make a guide for this, too)
  • Boss with rewards
  • Raids
  • Deep, dark forests to get lost in
  • Underwater area
  • Sky area
  • Other dimensions

Just rambling off some ideas, again.