I need some MORE ideas

I need some more detail ideas for my Untitled goose game I added some shadow effects on the props, but I think I could use Ideas that could make the game more realistic.
I would really appreciate a guide or something to make something more realistic but not to hard.

My lobby photos

Shadow effects I did

My thumbnail

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more terrain.

Sorry, @Random_dude123 but people might flag this post for absolutely no reason.

I think you should have random geese waddling around in your game, maybe made with props. :slight_smile:

Do you have NPCs that can move and attack the player?

No I do not have that

You can use repeaters to allow them to move.

Also I should of mentioned this is my game lobby

You should have items that can be picked up and placed in certain areas.

And a game overlay that allows them to see the list they need to complete using a popup.

Imma suggest that you edit your thumbnail a bit (there is too much going on)
for your game:
I would say add:
-i guess that’s it…

For everyone asking for idea help

next time add the ideas tag so I can just dismiss it… (sorry I think these are useless)

how did you do the shadow,

(it’s not off topic)

they tinted the prop and flipped it upside down…

They don’t. People only flag if it’s off-topic.

I wish that were true… tell that to wolftech…

thanks for the help Chrysostom

@here I published the game!
I am still needing Ideas
If I like a recommendation I will mention you in the game!

Lots of bushes and maybe a giant sign that says Untitled goose game. possibly a four- terrain lobby with seasons in each quarter.

I also absolutely love your thumbnail, though it’s a bit crowded.

remove the shadow of the log in the last photo (of game)the natural one in gkc. It looks kinda wonky (the circle shadow)

a game more relistic, well i usally keep it close to the game your copying (physics and point of the game) the goal of the game is to do goals in a certian area, and the finalie (censored for spoilers), so make sure you can always go back through the map and it won’t close.