I Need Some Icons For Farmchain (vending machine) ANSWERED

I need a specific icon for my farmchain remastered game (biggest project I am trying to make) to fit the vending machines (research to access seeds) that act like an accessor (it’s like if you buy wheat seeds, you need research to buy the wheat seeds.) I already have the machinery done, just the icon needs to be finished. Please do make a list of icons that could fit into what I am talking about if you do know them (which i don’t).

What do you Pinpoint need?

Icons, I need icons for my farmchain game

As in? What do you need? What details. I cannot read minds. Sadly.

just need icons as in vending machines like when you put the vending machine to Transmit Channel → Icons

I… Uh… AGHH! Just send a screenshot depicting the problem.

Screenshot 2024-02-16 11.02.05 PM
here is the screenshot

Then pick the seed name…


nuh uh, show screenshot
Screenshot 2024-02-16 11.04.26 PM

If you mean the research vending machines one, it’s impossible. But you could make 2 item granters (one research, and 2nd the seed where the player wants to unlock), and put a text between them.

Make sure both of them are above the vending machine using the Layers feature.

this doesn’t work btw :frowning:

It needs it be Items/tan seed, not Icons.

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nope, doesn’t work

also, it says “Icon Images” not “Items”

it means like an emoji @GimkitLuvuh , not an image, just try it.

Yeah, but this also exists:

@GimkitLuvuh these are the urls you can use for icons: items/(name of item) or icons/(name of icon) you can refer to this for the urls

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