I need some help with my prison escape game

I really need some help with my map

What help specifically?

Art help, idea help, thumbnail help, device help e.t.c?

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Art, and rooms pls @TigriRose

Ok, so what theme is it?

Prison escape, that’s the theme

Ok… so it’s kind of an escape room, right?

Yeah you got it. @TigriRose

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You might want to use lasers and sentries or the OWO-style props.

If the lasers are for decor, you could set the damage to zero. Also, the bicycle rack prop is great for prison guards.

The game is based off that video

Sorry, I’m doing this in school and don’t have my own computer -_- I can’t watch it.

But still which rooms would do good?

Yes… but I can’t watch it. It’s blocked.

No, you don’t need to watch it, I just need ideas for some rooms

Oh, ok. You could do a kitchen room or a lobby of the police station. Having the player crawl into vents would be a good idea, too.

I have to go now, I’ll be back in a few minutes.

Sigh, man my alt account @GimkitPrime is not working

Contact hello@gimkit.com if it doesn’t work