I need some help with my map

I could use some more ideas for my map Infested Earth, and i might want a thumbnail to go with it, maybe more market vending machines or some ideas for power ups or dam boosting.

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Go onto the wix and ask for help. Someone can help you there, but it’s off-topic here,

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@Menace_that_steals89 Please mark a solution to avoid getting flagged

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@Menace_that_steals89 , I could try to make you a thumbnail.

This isn’t off topic. They’re asking for ideas.

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Yeah, but isn’t a thumbnail not technically part of GKC?

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It would fall under discovery which is creative…
Could you elaborate on dam boosting?

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It does count as GKC, I’ve seen ppl do it before.

But, @Menace_that_steals89 , if you need a thumbnail, I’m down to help you! You’d just have to tell me wut background u want.

Just because someone has done it doesn’t make it allowed. It’s only ever allowed if they are trying to make a thumbnail in GKC which I think they are, but it’s typically not allowed.

I mean, im pretty sure its technically allowed bc its kinda gkc related, so…

It’s not about whether it’s GKC related. There’s a lot that is “related” but still is off-topic.