I need some help with my hunger bar

So I was using blizzys survival game where you need a few things to survive guide, but I needed hunger. So I remixed it a bit, but for some reason, it won’t work. The counter won’t change the property for my hunger bar. Anyone could tell me why maybe?

is no one online right now? :confused:

I’m just gonna redo the tutorial…

You could try and use this!
(also look at the other link inside of this post!)

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i’m gonna redo blizzys first.

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Ok. works now. But anyway I could add to the hunger bar? Like when they get hungry, they could feed themselves.
EDIT: I think I found out now

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Nevermind, it didn’t work :frowning:
Maybe, if you know, why? I want to make it so It can add to the hunger bar, but it glitches out. I don’t know why. And also, I want to stop it so that it doesn’t go over my limit of 100.

Maybe I can make another guide, and someone can see in the morning.

I’m gonna use c-c’s guide.

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