I need some help in creative

How do you make the scoreboard to the item that you destroyed

what item is it? You could make a property track that item….

Are you talking about destroyed props? Or removed items?

It’s a shovel ………………….

Im talking about destroyed props

Yeah I think you can make it track it… @teapot will probably know how idk how to use properties that well…

Im good i bet I could find out

Wire the prop to the counter - Settings = When prop destroyed > increment counter, set the counter to set a property to the counter when the counter value changes. (under properties, set update property to true, property to update to the property u want)

You can then set the score to the property in game settings. Or if you want a custom scoreboard, add a text block that has blockcode and set text to “get property” *property name


man i was about to say that