I need some help guys. Please reply to this post

I have a friend who needs a season ticket, can you guys please help me?

Sry but the forums aren’t a place to ask for season tickets.

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off topic and I don’t have money

and how can we help you?

Also welcome to the forums @137994 remember to read:https://forum.creative.gimkit.com/faq


@WolfTechnology pls help with this situation its gotten out of hand. Master Pikachu was abusing his mod powers on Gimkit Creative Chat so me,Cellofive,eiqy,Speedy_kd4,and Morepeko revolted and soon me and cello got banned while speedy_kd4 got demoted. I know your probably on Master_Pikachu’s side but pls consider this; go to Gimkit Creative Chat and without a word demote Christal and Master Pikachu, pls I am begging you too. And if you don’t mind can me and Cello5 j0in GCC again?
Don’t reply like this post if u agree don’t do anything if u disagree

@WolfTechnology thx


Nobody needs the season ticket, it’s a want, not a need


Welcome to the forms! This question is off topic, only use this place for help with creative maps.

Sorry I’m broke :skull:

Do you know of anyone who can purchase a season ticket for him?

no (also this type of post isnt allowed so keep in mind in the future unless this is the only thing youll ever go on the forums for)

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oh ok
thanks for telling me

Nope they have to buy it themselves. Come back if you have any questions related to creative, and be sure to mark a solution! :grin:

Can we close this post?

@THEHACKER120 all of those that were banned are unbanned and i demoted pikachu. But i left christal i trust they will do well as they did not agree with pikachu but stayed silent. Let me know if you need anything else.

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