I need some help but not on a map

Hey S everyone :smiley: so basically I was saving for this new gimkit skin the maple tree one since i have no legendary skins but i just reached my XP limit and i was only 100 AWAY from the maple tree so uh I know everyones gonna say SEASON TICKET buy it it’s only $5.00 which I do not have and everyone i ask isnt willing to buy it for me so uh my qs is, is there a way to bypass this like a glitch??(pretty sure there isn’t but worth a shot.

Not that I know of, sorry. Also, not to be rude, but this is not the purpose of the forums.
This is more of something for the wixsite.

yah i know but i get more help here :confused:

No worries! Just try to avoid doing this in the future.

okay then lol thx tho!

This is not a forum question, this can go on the Wix or nolt site, please mark this as the solution.

And as a tip save 500 from one week and never spend it, then you can buy the gim that you are wanting.

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yah but I’d have to wait a while till a Legendary comes around again :confused:

Legendarys stick around for two weeks.


are you sureee though?

No. I think they do, or at least Sketch did.

No only sketch was for 2 weeks, the rest are one week.This is very off-topic so lets stop cahtting

:frowning: welp oh welp then ._.

Legendary gims, on their first appearance, are ALWAYS are in the shop for two weeks.

Are tou sure about that cuz it is a new one?

It is a new one.

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