I need roles for a game l like some evil team roles and good team roles

like some evil team roles and good team roles


Here are a few,

Good Team: Security, has a blaster and quantum portal, Speed Changer, when they come across a player that is not on their team it makes them slow

Bad Team: Hider, using Invisabits, anyone with this role can turn invisible and sneak up on the player (they are the only ones that can use Invisabits) Soldier, just like the Security the soldier has a Quantum Portal but instead of a blaster they can use an evil eye.

You can modify these roles based on your liking. Hope this helps!

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thanks I’ll use these ideas

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thanks you hider is a really good done!

your welcome! Im happy to help!

What should I name the game?

β€œWarning Label: Do Not Mix!” lol

What does that mean?

The War of Chaos and Order
A day of Light vs Dark

what??? :thinking:

it was a joke lol

ooooooooooo okay lolπŸ˜‚

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those aren’t in creative yet… :cry:

Awwww nooooooo id idn’t know

what’s the game about

I can give a few roles

but I gotta know what im working with

It’s like flicker from Roblox a good team, evil team and a clown which in my game is a jester but I need other roles

There is one problem: Unless Gimkit was updated in the past few days, invisibility doesn’t exist.

Has anyone else noticed that invisibility only has one unique vowel, not counting the y because that’s a whole 500 word essay on its own?

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