I need new minecraft mobs and bosses

Yes, we should brainstorm more and thank you guys for helping me and i bet this will be a good game @Joey its a good design but i have a problem with the laser but not the damage its just how will you die by the explosion if you are close will the laser’s be in front or under the creeper.

Maybe you can also make it to where there is a fire when the creeper dies. use the emoji :fire: :slightly_smiling_face:

thats a good idea @leo_flowers, also my helper that are helping me making the game said i should do other games so lmk if you have any ideas ty ::grinning:

hello i am back i went on a trip for a while so i am sorry if i haven’t replied recently

hello and thanks for the ideas i will add them to my games ty

Add in that lurker of the depths one from the mob vote. You can add in an ocean biome and make them really hard to see.

thanks for the idea @WhoAmI

OOHH! I have an idea! Maybe you cam make just mixes of different mods, that looks good put together! :smiley: