I need new idea show I have a poll pls vote

Im going to make a poll for my pick a role game her are the current roles if you want you can make suggestions for new roles if you want here are my current roles archer is not in the gimkit yet

Beater has speed 1 banana makes him fast healing KO he heals by KOs 1 banana rare Gets a epic quantum portal 1 banana and blaster gives rare quantum portal free beater like to hide behind rocks and counters tank hard weak to speed to fast to get close quantum portal is slow and warden and sneaky ( both can see through rocks warden’s see through rocks is 1 banana sneaky’s is for free. Just don’t bring a beater on open field it’s like a fish out of water

Speed is fast Speed makes her little faster than the beater speed free. Machine blaster get snowball launcher or blaster 1 banana each. Sprint go 3x as fast as normal him speed for short time have cool down 1 banana. Speedy always 2 times faster then normal him speed 1 banana. You can’t have speedy and sprint that’ll be too op. Speedy has low damage so bad at tanks.they love open field there is so much space not the bunker were it is cramp so it is harder to dodge.

Human gets a wand 4 shield cans and regeneration for about 4 seconds you get 5 hp you can’t choose ability’s as human not many people have the human role so their personality are usually different.

Tank has regen for free get 1 hp every second ill probably buff it extra regen get same regen as human added. Big regen takes awhile but regen a lot of hp all 1 banana. Each except regen and finally team healer drop medkits for teammates ( don’t let enemies steal them ) you get a medkit every know and then 2 banana tank is slower then most gims so bad at beater which do to much damage for regen. Tank roles tend to like to be in the front. The other roles don’t like him there especially speed because he is so slow but the strategy works well.

Damage do a lot of damage free. evil eye get evil eye 2 banana and strong start do even more damage at start 2 banana they are strong but he can only have two abilities not like he needs the other they are both strong

Warden: JAIL traps people over long times 1 banana Sense see trough rocks 1 banana and sonic blast get blaster 1 banana you can only have one warden The warden loves the bunker so much he won’t go one open field in fact if you choose open field he won’t be available and will be locked.

Teleport can teleport around for free the tele-porters have a cool down. Last Resort can teleport to spawn. teleport a slingshot teleports a full ammo slingshot for each KO and tracker doesn’t work yet so I can’t tell you it they teleport around runing from trouble once a tank heals him he goes back into trouble the tele-porters are not one open field so you can’t play him there yet.

The Sneaky 1 v 1 me you get to 1 v 1 a random opponent long cool down. Sense wardens sense but for free and you can’t see me makes everyone can’t see for a few seconds except for you of course. Sneaky and warden are friends one the same team but they are the opposite on different teams because they can both see trough you can’t see me luckily for the sneaky they don’t care for light or darkness so they can go on open field

Archer great blaster get a better blaster free more cover have more cover 1 ambush do 1.5 times damage in cover. Support from above gives everyone a shield can. Snipers like the damage a lot they have no damage out of cover


There are A LOT on here



  • tools smith
  • RAGE
  • Hacker
  • Chef
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Gotta go Hacker bc my name

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I remember that post, sigh, the good old days, when the forums where a better place(kinda). But yeah that post has A LOT of roles to use.

btw, I’m back from Nashville, and it looks like the forums got whipped back into shape while I was gone.


Jeff is on vacation so pharlain is taking charge shes being a lot more active


I’ll close the poll tomorrow

Hacker won the votes

More ideas:
Engineer: Spawn Sentries
Healer: Drop heals for your team
Blaster: Blast forwards and avoid attacks
Scout: Fast, scout for you team

I will try to implement the ideas thank you

Np happy to help

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Another idea (if this already exists sorry, but reading the entire thing takes too long for my attention span of 0.00232563 nanoseconds): Kamikaze: 3 legendary quantum portals, 25 HP, 1.5 times speed.

(also THEHACKER120 you ripped engineer and scout straight out of TF2)