I need new game ideas for my class

I have an extra build slot, and don’t know what to do with it, so I’m asking for unique ideas, like ones that not many have used. The game will mainly be played for my class, as a way to have fun and still do schoolwork. A poll will be up after a few suggestions, or not if one suggestion just clicks.

What game types have you already made? (I.E. FPS game, quest, etc)

Hide and seek could be a good one

I’ve made a game called Gim Game, (in my profile) and I’m working on a game for role PvP, as in you get random buffs.

I would agree but that has been over made and over saturated

thanks king but im looking for ideas for my game

Then make your own post :skull:

Maybe make a quest game? (I made one then deleted it)

thats great thanks coffee!

Story games are always good ideas, but I feel like it needs to be played for my class.

ill try it out but it might not be so good

Hmm, quest games are hard to make for a whole class, maybe a puzzle game?

hehe. you want something unique. well here is something no one has recreated (I think) and something I have been beating myself up with (but I am getting close).

duh duh duh:

Good idea, but would you just press buttons? And how could you put in questions to make it possible for my class to do?

I agree with you, I dont think Simon says has been made yet (Im going to recreate dead cells when platforming comes out for non ticket holders)

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hide and seek! its fun and you can add school questions

Yeah, but I’m looking for a unique level, and there’s hundreds of hide and seek games.

some actions require you to answer a question, others require you to Elim another players, another to move to a custom area, etc

I’m not saying anything about game making; its supposed to be unique. for the question implementation. make them answer 10 questions if they get the pattern wrong

ok how about a teacher sumulater