I need name help

So basically, now with protect the v.i.p chosen, I wanna do names with an adjective then name.

Example, cool caverns.

I’m gonna be choosing only 3, (maybe 4!)

Once this is done, I should have smooth sailing for doing my map, names is just what I need. So if you have a idea and think I would like it, comment it below!


Magnificent mountain (I’ll add more)

I think something in here could help

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That’s nice! I like it. That has a pretty good chance of adding it.

Also, we can do stuff like offices, buildings, stuff like that. Like, I don’t know, something office.

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Is there any roles because I thinking of one

The Obvious office?

Yeah, I checked that out, but nothing I really want. But thank you for the link. So right now, its magnificent mountain, something for an office, than any other things. By the way, the V.I.P has to navigate through it, while the enemies don’t because they get paths the others don’t. So make stuff they have to navigate, just a tip.

@EGGacha uhhh, I don’t think so. Maybe something else, I’m slightly picky on my names, so.

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Perilous Peaks
Vicious Valley
Oval Office (Because VIP right?)
Cookie Country (If you want a more light hearted tone)

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The Big Building?

Love it. Oval Office. I might make another help guide for like, ideas to put in there, But if I can, I could maybe even squeeze in more. I’m doing one at a time though. So if I need more, I can refer back to here.

EDIT: gonna get off now to start developing. gonna check back in like an hour or 2.

Oval Office is the office of the president btw

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Ye, I know. Just thought of that. So definitely adding that. Fit for a vip.

NOW I’m gonna get off.

Bomb Broken Headquarters

Open Office
Official Office
Oval Office
Acclaimed Office

for a bakery:
bready or not bakery

for a supermarket:
super supplied supermarket

for a street:
super street

for a gym:
gimtastic gimnastics (gymnastics spelt wrong intentionally)

for headquarters:
super secret HQ
The carefully concealed corner (shhh!)

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The White House?

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Yeah, I’m not good at this :confused:

another side note: Leaning toward more stuff that is more vip like, ex, office. But great names! I will start interacting more soon.

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how about horror hell?

Eh. Don’t really want words like that, its more like navigating the person through a landform, area, or building, to safety before the enemy ninjas eliminate the v.i.p.