I need mutable people to capture a flag how?

how do I make it so that all of the teams can get a flag and not just one

Currently, I do not think that you can do that. However, maybe you could place down multiple flags of the same color with different defending teams.

well then that wouldn’t make it very hard

you can do that if you have maultiple flags that one team can capture, just not the same flag. Check out this guide, it might help

That resource may be outdated.
Have you checked out the guides on capture-the flag instead?

yeah you might. We need to make resourse post wikis so they can be edited.

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Maybe have a flag that is team 60 and don’t use that team.


But the creator of the ctf resources ran out of editing (if you ran out of editing you also cant make wiki) and isn’t tl3 yet.

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