I need more thumbnails for my gimkit creative

Name of the game is “Escape Medieval Castle”

Summary is you are going through different rooms in the castle earning seeds to plant, with the plants you can escape.

Can you please use 3 gims king gimrick, and two random others (they are all running away from a castle)

The gims are running

Moo is the Creator

JohanGim gave me one, @JohanGim

@VoidFluffy I saw some of your thumbnails, can you please make one for this?

It’s not permitted to ping thumbnail artists.
Please refrain from doing so in the future.

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Do you mean I shouldn’t ask them to make one, or I shouldn’t say who made it

I mean you shouldn’t ask them to make one.
If they want to make a thumbnail for you, they make a thumbnail for you or not.
Also, this is a repost.
Please do not repost.
Simply just BUMP the original topic.

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OKAY! But can som1 please make a thumbnail for me!

Okay, this isn’t working! @JohanGim I will use your thumbnail. What is the map called? (If there isn’t any map you would like me to advertise, then IDK what else to do)

I will put it in my Bio.

Is this good?
download (1)

download (1)
Idk why you can’t see it and click on it

Yes, that is good. But I am using JohanGims.

Thank you anyway though!

My bro reminded me that I renamed it Flee the Fortress, can you make another thumbnail @JohanGim

Quickly changes the OG thumbnail


it is finally Published!!!

Sweet! You can ping people if they say you can ping them in there bio.

it is in the library in the map

Can’t find it. Put “Moo” In the title and description bc i think gimkit searches games by description and not title.

Can you put the link into your Bio?