I need more help with capture the chalice (Fancy name for a cup)

How do you make it so that when a certain person is defeated they deactivate a barrier and make the the players on that team turn to spectator after they are defeated

single player or team?
can you also elaborate more on what you need

Team game kinda like bedwars except metal cups

I have a random person picked on each team as the “Chalice champion” the job they have is to protect the chalice, if they are defeated the barriers disappear and the chalice can be destroyed

You could try giving the chalice an item and having a Lifecycle set to “Player Knocked Out” connected to a Checker. (that checks for said item)

(Lifecycle 1) Event Occurs —> (Relay) Trigger Relay

(Relay 1) Relay Trigger —> (Item Granter) Grant Item

(Lifecycle 2) Player Knocked Out —> (Checker) Run Check

(Checker) Check Passes —> (Barrier) Deactivate Barrier

(Checker) Check Passes —> (Relay 2) Trigger Relay

(Relay 2) Relay Trigger —> (Team Switcher) Switch player to configured team


Lifecycle 1 = Game Start

Relay 1 = Random player on specific team

Checker = Checks for said item, greater than/equal to

Relay 2 = All players on specific team

Team Switcher = Spectators

You could also do this with properties to avoid cheesing/dropping the item because that may interfere with game mechanics, number properties with 0 indicating false/not chalice and 1 indicating true/chalice saves much much more memory since you’d have to check the true/false one in blocks.
Just switch out the Checker to Check for a property and the Relay to Increment a Counter-Linked property.

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Thank you for the help i will mark it as a solution if it works

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