I need lobby inspiration for a deathrun

This is a re-post! I’m trying to make a minigame map and I need a mini lobby for the Death Run game if you would be so kind, would you create a small lobby maybe 10x10 to 25x25 for my death run? I’ll choose the one I like most and use it in my game ill check tomorrow. After your done with the design, could you post a picture of it so I can use it?

Thanks, Chocolate1534

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Because this is a pre-game lobby you won’t be able to use any devices because those only work in-game, but you can make it look nice and stuff, but you can use teleporters! Here is a design i came up with:

if your game has teams

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Obviously, these are just ideas so feel free to change them switch some things out change the floor change the border and all that kind of stuff. I hope this helps. And if it does please pin me to say thanks(@myname)

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thanks to @Mattnosport for the great ideas!!

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