I need (kinda) help on my game

I want to add random things to my game but i don’t know what to add.

What kind of random things? Like map sections, or debris, or just general decoration, or mechanics…

what kind of game is it?

yeah I’m clueless on this one (not enough detail) I don’t know what you need help with

I agree, this is not enough detail. What do you mean by


I would think the theme of the map doesn’t matter because he wants random things, usually if someone tells you the theme of their map or something then we the commenters are prone to suggest not so random things. So maybe it is best not to know the theme of the map :PP :>

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Also lets not start a flame war as I have been there and had to write an apology email 9 paragraphs long to moderators. So unless you both would just love to do that, take the argument to a padlet or something, because when you argue here, you are basically punishing yourself.

(Not trying to be rude)

Don’t let your emotions take ahold of you, as when under stress it can influence your decisions in a bad way.

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Ahem moving on
Something Random:
A Giant hole in your map and when you fall in you get stuck in a endless teleporter loop, only works in top down

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That’s a really good idea! (Unfortunately, I don’t have the ticket.)

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Oh yeah, I forgot you had to pay for that :skull:


You could add this character that I drawed?

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what is this? i should look a gim
NOT to be rude
sorry you can flag me if you want

It’s fine a get it a lot with the pic

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A evil gim is mind controlling a helpless Gim

(Hes wearing a mask and a robe)

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Why does everyone like my comments after 8 show the pic?!

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sorry bud i look a bunch of paint that looks a gim sort of
'I love it though but might need some improving

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First @Kosm0-o then @RocketX ( not pinging)

What did i do

this might be off topic

how is that “not pining”? you literally pinged them…

also @ShadowDragon44 , I think a trigger could be more efficient,

the bottom one isn’t a trigger, it is a teleporter. and when teleported to the top on they fall onto the trigger that teleports them to the top teleporter