I need Ideas PLS help

I need ideas for my game called craftwars i added cameras and a red vs blue team fight you have to craft weapons already added every weopon pls give ideas

maby chests\crates to get random items that help you in the game?

How would i do that? Like make random items and make it spawn in a random place

just put whatever items you want in the crates.

hmmmm i might add that thanks

Are you using a crafting table in the game?

<20 charcter limiy>

maby you could even add a mine!

Like using ores that would be cool

Do you want something like this?
Need banana to craft bait = get bait
Then you got your crafting recipe

Ask if you don’t know how to make a crafting recipe :wink:

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that’s a good idea @Addisyn ! I’m still thinking on more ideas.

I already made this ive got 12+ crafting recipes

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Games Called Craft Wars Nothing else


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how about this idea?

collect 3 gold key cards for a gold key to open a secret passage!

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