I need ideas on what kind of game to make

i need ideas on what to make

You could make a maze/race mode using walls and floors!

You can make a pvp game, or maybe a game where you’re trying to get as many points as possible somehow, or, what I’m doing, making a game where you’re trying to answer questions to move on to the next room, and so on, trying to unlock as many areas as possible.

An arcade full of minigames.

paintballing would be fun

a maze just like the one in HPatGOF

You Should Make a Death Run

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floor is lava (actually, more like the left side of the screen is lava)

if you add some props and stairs and stuff, maybe you can make the “illusion” of going up and escaping lava

do you play fps games? make one of those

very awesum idea
make florr.io

welcome to the community @levi!

Make a carnival and welcome to the community @levi !