I need ideas for trust-based Gimkit games

I would say a game where it’s like a fishtopia/farmchain/something else, and where there is one player on a different team, and the idea is whoever gets stolen from learns who stole it but you don’t know if they’re covering themselves up and lying. After a random amount of time or after the game host decides they will switch stealers and everyone will know who was it.

Just make the leaderboard tracked be players and all of a sudden everybody wants to steal.

ok so its an rpg where there are two teams.
the teams each try and progress faster through the rpg, and the goal is to reach a certain amount of cash. all sentries drop cash, so it helps to try and steal cash drops from the other team.


if you personally reach a certain amount of cash (which is higher than the team cash goal) then you personally win, so stealing from your team can be benificial.


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