I need ideas for trust-based Gimkit games

Example: A battle royale game with two teams where you can attack your teammates, and if the other team is eliminated then your entire team wins, but if you kill your teammates than you can win for yourself.

Another example: Two players are each given two options to choose between: Split or Steal. They each choose at the same time. If both players choose Steal, neither gets the prize. If both choose Split, they split the prize. If one chooses Split and the other chooses Steal, though, the one that chose Steal gets the entire prize.

Basically, I need Gimkit game ideas that can ruin friendships. :smiling_imp:


A mini-game for cash where 2 players can either pick up one item or another. Example: blueberry and raspberry. If both of them pick up the blueberry, they split the cash. If both of them pick up the raspberry, none of them get the cash. If one player picks up the raspberry and the other picks up the blueberry, the player with the raspberry gets all the cash, and the other doesn’t get any.

whoops, sorry

bro that’s literally split or steal
which was literally one of my examples

Oh, shoot. Sorry. I have to go soon, I’ll think up more ideas.

(I can’t read, I guess)

okay, thanks anyway

bump because i really need answers asap

no, i did not
i have never seen it in a mrbeast video

Oh, nevermind.

What you said was kind of similiar to a MC gamemode in a MrBeast Gaming video.


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How about a game where you can “steal” a chosen amount of money (using popups) from a random player on your team

that doesn’t really seem very trust-based

(Optional) You could have a notification telling the victim who stole it

uhm, so what’s the goal?

An RPG game where people can steal the loot you get from bosses for absolutely no reason (and the loot you get from anything).

i hate when people do that
but for it to be trust-based, it should be mainly cooperative, with some possible sort of betrayal
but if the rpg game was cooperative, why would you want to steal from the other players?

we would have to have something that benifits you by stealing
because trust-based games should be games where there is something you can do that betrays someone’s trust for you but benifits you personally

You could have a cooldown on the stealing and the goal would be able to farm (or steal) the most money

then it wouldn’t be cooperative at all ._.

Just have a random amount stolen

You get a blue backpack that holds more pollen if you steal.

Good point. Sorry, I can’t really think of anything