I need ideas for this:

So, I am making a plant boss battle, and I have 3 attacks already, 2 involving lasers, and one the sentry’s weapon. What other attacks can I make that are possible/not extremely hard?

You could have a stomp/AOE attack that checks for people in a zone, then respawns them. You could also have a wave attack where there’s a wave of damage going towards the players, and they have a couple hiding spots to evade it. Both of these can be done with zones.

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Welcome to the forum, @DaFish_75! You have a very interesting question, that could lead to many fun additions. Here are some of my ideas:

  • Earthquake: creates holes that temporarily damage the player (with invisible lasers) and teleport them somewhere else
  • Army: a mass of sentries spawn and try to attack you
  • Shield Guard: activates a barrier in front of the boss, shielding them
  • Boost: Deactivates the current boss and activates a new one with a different weapon and recharged health
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Welcome @DaFish_75
Maybe a teleport attack where it teleports the player into the “Sky” and it damages them

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