I need ideas for stuff

I want some ideas on tutorials for the community. I am very good at art stuff and not so good at devices (I know a bit tho) PLZ help with suggestions!

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make a tutorial on how to make a large garden with tractors and flowers

random animals maybe? Or even a theme like artic or jungle?

(just make sure not to just put an emoji and call it a guide)

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make a tutorial on a tutorial

Yeah, maybe make a tutorial on how to make some animals for anyone who wants to make a zoo. Elephant and giraffes?

tuotorial on making foods and how to make them (like art using blocks i think)

Maybe I could do a zoo collection or something… still not what I’m looking for tho

Maybe a giant game board, with the classic winding rainbow trail and sorry pieces!

maybe how to make a Venus fly trap? :slight_smile:

Hmmmmmmmmmmm… Good Idea!

Here’s a photo !
[Screenshot 2024-03-01 4.11.45 PM|517x349](upload://ktuZH6H3WmQQTWAV0tO0t3QPvnv.png


Doable. I could try doing sorry

Sorry! I was trying to edit the post, but I messed it up.

Oh… I could still do it though!

It doesn’t have to be functional. Just for decoration.

ik. Others have made the functional bit. I am just going to make it good looking

Nice! A lot of people have great games, and complicated devices, but the map looks terrible! The community needs people like you!

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