I need ideas for my game lobby

So as the title says I need ideas for my lobby in the game Untitled goose game.

I don’t have much already in my lobby I just need ideas of what it could be.
If I have all of the ideas I’m going to use, I will tag the people who gave me those ideas in a comment, then mark that as a solution

What about minigame “side quests” that you have to wander around and find?

Is this for the thumbnail, or the lobby in gimkit for the pre-game?

Um what exactly is untitled goose game?
Google is blocked on this so I can’'t search it up.


No @Random_dude123 's asking for a ideas for the lobby not the game itself


The lobby in pre-game

You’ll understand if you read the post.

Btw @Fulcrum-19
I sent you a post on the crafting table topic.

A game where you are a goose and you navigate around a city to get to a place

Then maybe for the lobby add building and car emojis on a text device then make a mini city.
@LEPRECON2024 I am THEHACKER on the wix JKHACKER on padlet.


Ok then. Minigames that you can play while waiting.

Wait!!! Are you the Hacker that has your name spelled in a weird way “Ħ.” <----those symbols?

Sorry if that’s off-topic

Anybody have more ideas?

@Random_dude123 In the actual untitled goose game you start in the bushes. Try to make that the lobby!

Yeah I could do that!

It might be the best option if you’re making untitled goose game (WHICH I LOVE THE GAME)

I am making the game.
I’m like 3/4 of the way done with it…

Do you need a picture idea of the lobby, or just word/prop ideas?

You could put like gum machines and a street you could also have the title in the center of it. Also I think I saw that game and you could use emojis for people.