I need ideas for my backrooms maps cuz yee

so im working on a back rooms map i made level 0 but im to the point to where idk where i should go next within this any idea will help(best idea will resolve this)

Why not just use the actual levels from the actual game.

cuz thats boring i want to spice it up

Maybe make a abandon indoor playground.

good idea and i should add level fun in with it?

Yeah sure. They work together pretty well.

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yeah i wish i could give the c0de away to do a Collab but i cant

Yes well that rule is there for a reason.

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yeah there should be a c0de posting area

No. You should use the non-affilited with gimkit, wixsite if you wanted to post codes.

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mmk well ima wait for more ideas so far urs is the best


make level 9 (hardest level) but even harder!

Maybe a death run with a treasure hunt at the same time?
(I don’t play backrooms so IDK if this is a good idea)

isn’t this just a post building on the last topic you made?

Heres an idea for a little trolling. Add a secret level you can enter where you cant escape, and its just a room full of people where nobody says anything but “bagel”. Also, please make a spider named George, and if you try to squish him you get sent to purgatory F o r e v e r.

all these are good ideas but idk what one is the best i might not add some though so yeah.

How to make like a beginning: One idea for backrooms could be centred around a group of people who become trapped in an endless maze of identical, fluorescent-lit rooms. As they try to navigate their way out, they begin to encounter strange creatures that seem to have been born from the very fabric of the building itself. The creatures appear to be sentient and malevolent, and they seem to enjoy tormenting and hunting the trapped individuals. Another idea for backrooms could be centred around a single protagonist ( Main Character ) who wakes up in a strange, empty room with no memory of how they got there. As they explore the seemingly endless expanse of identical rooms, they begin to uncover clues about their past and the nature of the place they are trapped in. Along the way, they must avoid strange, otherworldly creatures that seem to be stalking them at every turn.

btw the monsters will be players.

Then… you can make it to where the monsters ( players ) are chasing the player in this thing then…? :person_shrugging:

my plan was to make a backrooms game where it will randomly noclip (tp) a player to a random level thats why i asked for ideas and the players need to live for 10 min without dyeing