I need ideas for maps

i need some ideas for maps go you guys have any?

Island Survial
Survive 100 days- aka 1 hour in a gimkit zombie survial
Battle Royal
Bussness Tycoon- try to make the most money in a certain time
Just some Ideas that I was thinking on making.


you can do lost rooms. I still trying to work out the boss fights and Item rooms to, well, make the game work, and I just barely started working on it.

these are good ideas but i don’t know which one to do tho?

you can do a rob the bank map

  • Chess! Just try it!
  • Battle Royale with a tag twist
  • Graphing calculator
  • Carnival

You could do some sort of hide and seek.
Another idea: One participant is some sort of zombie and the rest of the players have to look for them, but once they find them they have to get back to a specific area. If they get tagged or shot, they enter the zombie’s team and have to tag/shoot the other players

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You could do some sort of RPG game with a bunch of quests and lore with the ultimate goal of defeating a boss that took over your hometown. That would be a good idea.

doesn’t gimkit already have that gamemode?

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i try doing all of your ideas!

Well actually it does, but I was sort of thinking that but its hide and seek too. Idk.

Like an infectious among us?

You could still make your own unique one, though.

wait execpt for it among us my bad

Yeah, I might try to make a gamemode like this too. I’m making a dungeon so maybe when I’m done.

a among us map would take a lot of work coding and careful planning because idk how to do among us map.