I need ideas for kits

I need ideas for kits for a kitpvp server on gimkit. I already have some but I need more

What type of game is yours?

Kits, as in Questions, or Kits, as in Games?


  • Maze
  • Battle Royale
  • Four Seasons Game
  • Adventure Game

I need something like classes in COD
Kit pvp is a game where players are given certain weapons, speed, & health. Then step out of a spawn area and battle it out and compete for kills.

Fast with slingshot, x0.5 damage boost. Low HP
Slow with evil eye, High damage, low HP
Regular with Snowball launcher, High HP


Could you name them based on the theme of the kit please.

Dasher :dash:
base hp (100?) base speed and like a zapper or blaster
use this guide for dashing

And that’s about it

Thanks for the suggestion

Glass Cannon
Machine gunner

have you seen my office wars idea?