I need ideas for a new map pls help

I want to make a new map, but I’m all out of ideas for myself.

build to survive

use blocks to survive against zombie bad guy players

I could do that, but I don’t know.

ideas idea-catalog

you could make it so when a player gets knocked, they turn into a zombie

the normal players have an “Income” that they can upgrade to get more cash. Use cash to buy blocks, and gadgets!

Try to survive as long as possible. (Also make it so you can buy sentries)

just make like a left to right thing. It’s just like a long bridge from left to right.

I do not know how to do that.

I’ll teach you! Ok, go into your game.

Then, use a relay to switch another play to a different team. Nice. Make one side spawn on the left, and the other side to the right. Next, make your bridge. Now, vending machines to buy gadgets and blocks!

An income is a bit complicated, and I’m kind of busy, so you might have to ask someone else for that.

Mainly use wire repeaters to get you your income. Someone else can explain that though.

What do you mean by “your bridge”?

like, your map!

idk why I said bridge lol

with zones and channels and wires you can and should make a moving maze

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Make a map of Gimkit RPG with lore that ties into Gimkit lore

It should be a map where you can travel to different biomes and collect stuff to advance. Ooh and also throw something in there with like farming or mining or something.

If you want to make a game with lots of features from the new GKC update, look at @gim_guy 's miner guide.

I might make that if Boko doesn’t mind. @bokomaster27 ?

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it’s just a game idea

you think Fortnite minds theres a lot of fan made battle royales because of it?

I mean it’s just a game idea it’s not like intellectual property or something

okay. thanks.

@THEHACKER120 get your copy and paste link of the idea link, I forgot so steal my fame.

thanks for adevrtising my guide :slight_smile:

haha. wait. will i get flagged?

technically no
advertising something that isnt gkf