I need ideas for a new GKC map

I am currently looking for suggestions to help me create a visually appealing and highly detailed map that exudes thrilling detail. Any ideas?

try to make the game Prodigy


wouldn’t it be hard for the math fights and other stuff?

everyone needs a challenge in life

I don’t think @leo_flowers needs math fights but I’m sure he could want enemy encounters

Any basis I could go off of, I could give a handful of ideas but not without a basis.

You could try something like this:
==> The Ultimate Guide on coming up with ideas for games! <== :video_game:
If not, just try something you really like and challenge yourself to make it… But in GKC! Like your favorite book series or movie.

Uh, you could use like vibrant bright colors that contrast with some dark colors or something like that.

How about trying to make a game about being a mother who tries to catch their kid staying up on their device and you must trick them into accidentally exposing themselves?

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umm, he’s looking for map ideas

Kinda could be like a FNaF 4 thing lol

I guess, but FNaF isn’t allowed so it would have to be a knockoff like SNaS (Six Nights at Sally’s) The final chapter? I do find it quite weird how it is 7 nights not 5. (What are your thoughts on FNaF world?)

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Yeah your right (I think FNaF world is a work of art lol)

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Make a current Gimkit map like Snowbrawl and Capture the Flag. They must be exactly like the Gimkit version.

Sorry I wasn’t on for so long… any more ideas? If not, I can mark a solution.

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