I need ideas for a "find the markers" type game

So basically I know what I’m gonna do but I’m struggling on what the player actually has to find
and how they’re going to be able to obtain it ig

(btw happy Thanksgiving)

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Barriers or props that hide another prop in it?
Maybe give small hints and clues throughout the game where the treasure is, maybe add lore, that’d be fun and you could make it take place on an island.
(Just a suggestion)

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  • The matching sock. It is stuck in the washing machine and you need a Legendary Hammer to open the washing machine (It was built high quality). Travel to the factory 3000 miles away to get the Hammer in a repair kit.
  • A tire. The character got two flat tires in the middle of the jungle, but only has one spare. Barter with Locals and sell rocks and fish you find.
  • The city of gold. You are running out of luck, ideas, and money, so you set off in search of it. Beat up a bunch of plant sentries and sell the gold / make it a national park
  • Bandit Bill’s Hideout. You’re a Sheriff, you need to make your state great by catching a scoundrel who plunders town across the west.

What about a waypoint - zone/trigger system? Enter the zone/step on trigger, increment a counter - property and deactivate the waypoint. You could also activate the waypoint once you enter a larger zone, so the area you have to search is large.

Wait what type of game are you going for?

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