I need ideas can anyone give some for a map I am updating?

Hey can anyone help me with ideas for my map. I need more areas and I am out of ideas.

What type of map is it?

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it is a P.M.L fighting game with areas that you can explore. It is called P.M.L brawl

Add Easter eggs or hidden powerups that the player can collect or find by doing obbies or secret quests

done that there are hidden weapons stashes and a little reminder to a joke with my friend

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Some sort of target practice arena with low power sentries that give you a small reward if you have some type of currency system in your game would be cool!


Thanks for the idea! if you want to explore the map I can send you a link to see it

you could add events that happen either by game host or by chance every few minutes or so… and whoever wins the event gets some power up that makes them better than the opposite team or other players for 30 seconds (Could be more or less…)

Sorry, you can’t link maps here. You can do that on the wix site (I’ll get the link to that in a sec)

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alright that is a good idea. thanks for it!

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Alright thanks for the heads up

Here’s the link to the wix site. Be sure to mark a solution if you think you have enough ideas!

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alright thank you for that