I need ideas alot

Im making a harry potter game thats like leg harry potter and im making it so that you need to complete lots of different side quest to win but i dont know what kind of challenges to add to my 2d map all know are 3d challenges :sweat_smile:

try this guide!

Thank you but i need ideas for mini games that are related to either Great Britain or harry potter early years. GimNo0b the american that know nothing about the U.K except the stuff i see in books about Britain

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That is a great idea but im still doing harry potter early year so stuff that is before hogwarts also does anyone know a person from the u.k that could tell me a summed up version of the culture?

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The only thing that i have right now is a maze that you get a golden key from that you can get to through dudleys computer

spot of tea, bot’le o’ wa’er, hating ireland

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lol heres were i get my uk knowledge
Screenshot 2024-04-27 10.24.26 AM

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How would i make it so a item is only granted after the person playing activates lots of things aka how would i make it so that they get the thing after they clean all the “dirt”

where would i put a good secret/mini game entrance?
Screenshot 2024-04-27 10.52.22 AM
Harry’s bedroom is the left one and dudleys is the right

under the bed or behind the bookshelf.