I need Hide and Seek map Ideas please

Can yall suggest ideas such as rooms, hiding spots, and such? I need inspiration!

Basic concepts

  1. Try referencing some of the official Gimkit modes
  2. Abandoned city
  3. Ancient abandoned temple
  4. Solar system (multiple different areas, need to visit Launch Pads to move between them)

Hiding spots

  1. A maze to run around in, hard for both hider and seeker
  2. Rooms with roofs that hide when you go in them (see some guides)


  1. Seekers can use an ability every 2 minutes that tells them the rough location of everyone

Try to add Easter eggs, like lore, or something that expands Gimkit’s preexisting lore. You can also add secret rooms that will give the players more abilities, like speed.

you could make a potted plant that the player could hide in,
you could also make secret teleporter spots