I need hep with my adventure game: Collabs Wanted

I’m happy to help, I’m great with creating building interiors.


Welcom to the forums, @SolarDoge033

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Welcome to da forums!

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Thank you! I just joined this for the first time!

In any case, I am great with designing buildings. I play a lot of Minecraft and Palworld, which are both high-building games. I build large, grandiose structures like castles often, so I know what I’m doing. @GimGamer1, I hope I can be of help!

I also just did the padlet.

Aw I would help but I’m not gonna sit inside playing gimkit instead of touching grass.

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Ok aww hey @SolarDoge033 go ahead and get on we are up and running

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Alright! Hopping on now.

By the way, welcome to the forums @SolarDoge033!

Wait, wait, wait, can I j0in to? I might be able to help! I’ve done some complicated art with terrain and props! I could help make the terrain!

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Heyy, me too! I can do terrain and buildings well!

Especially castles. I can do castle interiors well.

Yeah, I read that you do Minecraft and stuff. Anyways, my offers still stands, I’d be happy to j0in.


The padlet is for applications, its not necessarily division. Plus none of you got in anyway.
Its not meant to be used for collabs. Go to something else.
Im freezing it.


the forums aren’t about looking for collabs…so this is kind of offtopic tbh.

also, don’t just put images in your topic. It’s unnecessary.

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@ShadowDragon44? You there?

Ahh black jack is trying to corner me ahhhh

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dude. Collab stuff isn’t allowed on the forums. Is that going through your brain stems? Jeez. Mark a solution.

I don’t mean to sound rude but you kinda blatantly ignored my last reply.

so yeah, sorry bout sounding a bit hostile though.


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