I Need Help With Zones A Little

I Made A Zone That Makes A Player That Enters It A Spectator, But, There’s A Problem, When Somebody Enters The Zone, They Cant Exit The Spectating Screen. Is There A Solution Anybody?

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wait so your saying when they exit a zone they don’t exit spectator @Chris10 ?

They Do But You Cant Move

can I see what you have done so far?

Can a regular please remove the wip tag?

Or @Chris10 can you please remove it? It’s only for Community Made Guides that are works in progress.

im not regular yet, im getting close tho

@Chris10 , did you add a movement manager to the zone?


Screenshot 2023-11-11 125732

Thats All

Ok I Will Remove It Bro

im opening up Gimkit creative for some testing, give me a second

ok, when you enter spectator you can’t walk because your a spectator

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you will have to make like a button or something to return the spectators into gems but that would require two people

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True. You would have to have an automated system to switch the player’s team after x amount of time to leave spectating.

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you can’t walk out of the zone because when you walk in you are instantly a spectator


I Have A Idea To Fix The Problem

okay good, remember to mark a solution if someone answered your question, @Chris10

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@CassiusDoomlorde , its not hurting anyone if he does that… Please don’t say this on the forum.

guys, this is getting off-topic, lets get back on track!

When you are a spectator, you don’t count as a player, and you can’t be switched back to a team.