I need help with triggering

SO i need it to make a game over lay button apper when you get close enough to someone and i need only a certain person gets it , im making a amoungus game and the game overlay is the knockout button and i want the imposter to be able to knockout

Use Tag Zones IG

IT wont work i tryed I want KO button because i dont want them to walk into someone and they KO

Turn off respawn on tag

Try using a coordinate device and have a property that stores players positions and when you get close enough a button pops up. When you push the button, every player checks if they’re close enough to the person, and if they are then use a respawner. It’s an interesting concept and I wish I could explore with this further, but I’m really busy rn

there was a guide on this…
i just cant find it.

The key is to use tag zones, then turn it off after a small delay (1 second).
You also need to have a system to make sure the imposters are on team 2, and the crewmates are on team 1. Team 2 will be the taggers.

Thanks ill try rkngnenfeshfengib

You need to have the teams set up in order for it to work. You also need the tag zone to activate when the button is pressed, then deactivate after a short delay.

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