I need help with this [RESOLVED]

(I am NOT sharing a sneak peak on my map. I only need help.)

So, you see this screenshot, right?

I’m trying to make it so you can teleport to a minigame, but i also want it to be 2D Minigames, but i can’t think of one. Anyone have one?

duck duck goose- you set one random person on a team to tag and they get a speed buff and everyone gets a 15 second head start in a large area, and after someone is tagged, everything is normal again.

three players or more allowed

Maybe a mission where you have to get a set of cashberries safely to the other side. First one to press the button gets a reward.

The button is on the other side, btw.

I mean arcade games…



If you wanted the game to be singleplayer, your arcade game could be like navigate through an invisible maze before the time runs out. If the time runs out, you die.

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Though, i might remix the cashberry thingy

how about space invaders

How… do i make that?

100 sentries spawn in a huge area and they’re in a line and y u have to kill them all in a certain amoouot ff time and stuf

I’ll put 10, my memory bar is in like 62 and i added 5 sentries on my map

I need like 3 more games…

Pac Man! =) (Probably not possible)

Hold on I had the same idea to make an arcade where each machine was a mini-game!?!?

Yea, but i’ll need players for that…

Wait, What??? Do We both have shared minds???

:OOOOOO tWiNs???

That’s crazy I had where each mini-game you beat you get a keycard allowing you to move to another room