I need help with the sentry because I don't know how to name them?

I need help with the sentry because I don’t know how to name them?

Okay you go in sentry settings the featured part and scroll all the way down…there is little box that says sentry name…type in it…whenever it is knocked out it will tell player knocked out (sentry name)

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oh thanks a lot @Legobuilder


Oh yeah lol

i didn’t know that thanks a lot

you cnat have name appear under them unless you use text box though…or gimkit is mega glitching like a couple weeks ago.

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Thanks for that @Legobuilder i just tryed it and it worked

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oh one more thing do you think i should make like a just talk to friends place in the community made guide line?

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No thats what people use padlet for…if you do that it will get flagged instantly.

where should i make it in

you could use the wix or find a alt-padlet wix.

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ok never mind i’m not gonna do it but thanks with helping with the sentry

bye @Legobuilder thanks for everthing

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i know i stated badkarmas earlier and not lying it didn’t even cross my mind to say yours.

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what do you mean @Blizzy

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