I need help with the mechanics of my game idea

I would like to make it so my map becomes corrupted after someone launches the nuke then there is a chance for a person dying but it doesn’t kill anyone on their team when the nuke is launched and yes he people would respawn after they die but they lost all their stuff and they don’t drop it.

Ok. That will be moderately hard. Firstly, look at this community guide for the the “losing all their stuff part”, which is the easiest.

The “there is a chance for a person dying” part means probability and I don’t think thats possible for Gimkit but I don’t have the time to dig deep right now so I may be wrong. Also, please elaborate on “corrupted.” What do you mean?

What I mean when I say corrupted is that the map turns green grey and orange.

It will almost be like this.


Maybe do a teleporter to a whole different area that looks like that and activate the teleporter using a checker, zone, or something like that.

You can use this guide for the no item death drop.

But for the map you will have to use dirt, road(make it scattered as a broken road), dry grass, and moon rock terrain as the ground. Then use snowy trees with no leaves as dead trees and have snow piles, tree stumps, and add snow terrain as a light dusting ove rthe map. It will make it look like a nuke/ apocolaps map.

Didn’t @GeneralGim505 already say that???

Just the guide, but that is the only working guide on that topic, not the rest of the map design.

Let me experiment on a map.

Experirment on what exactly?

What I used to create:
Boardwalk , Grass, Barrels, 2x teleporters, stone(With grass), Vending machine, button, Lasers.
First step: Place down your board walk for the area that you’re gonna launch the nuke.

Then place down a button and a vending machine, then change the settings as in the pics:

Then place lasers everywhere so that if a player is standing where a laser is they die.
Set laser settings to :

Then place down a teleporter and set:

Then put a teleporter wherever you want your infected area (Make sure it’s out of sight of the uninfected area. Put barriers around everything and find a way to make the player get whatever they need to buy the nuke.

Oh the nuke launch pad? If so I would use moon rock, concret, and the black stone bricks for the launch pad.

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